SEASON 2016-2017


The LANCT is excited to announce their 2016-2017 season.  With modern conceptualizations and spins on the celebrated classics of Shakespeare and Greek Mythology, we are seeking to prove the relevance of the stories that came before us.

Atlas-Pit-NewsletterATLAS PIT

or The Garbage Man’s Son

(World Premiere)

by Alex Burkart

with Songs by Kyle Acheson

Directed by Beth Lopes

September 30th-October 23rd, 2016

The Working Stage Theater

1516 N Gardner St, Los Angeles, CA 90046

ATLAS PIT centers around 18-year-old Felinus Oswald Black (Ozzy). A year prior to the play’s main action, Ozzy’s girlfriend (Gray) drowned in an old gravel quarry turned pond located in Milton, WI. The sudden death sentences Ozzy to an erupting depression, resulting in him running away from home and shutting himself up within a seedy apartment flat. In a continued effort to find escape, Ozzy stumbles upon a brand of heroin that brings the user so close to death “that they see those waiting for them on the other side.” Atlas Pit is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores the ideas of addiction, love, life, and faith.

“Potent and provocative, Atlas Pit, Or The Garbage Man’s Son marks fledgling playwright Burkart as one to watch…” – StageScene LA


Felinus Oswald Black: Josey Montana McCoy

Gray Harlow: Devereau Chumrau

Linda Black: Nancy Stone

Mark Geissman: Daniel Braunstein

Norman Black: Herman Johansen

A Stranger: Michael Chandler

Creative Team:

Producer: Emily A. Fisher

Director: Beth Lopes

Assistant Director: Josh Gannon

Stage Manager: Rebekah York

Set Designer: Morgan Lindsay Price

Lighting Designer: Toranj Noroozi

Sound Designer: Isaiah Howell



50 Shades of Shakespeare

(West Coast Premiere)

Conceived by Jess Shoemaker and the (re)Discover Theatre


Eddie Vona

Jordan Mann

Noah James

Kelli Nienaltowski

Creative Team:

Director: Jess Shoemaker

Producer: Josey Montana McCoy and Josie Adams

Text Coach: Brian White

Stage Manager: Josie Adams

Set Designer: Emily A. Fisher

Costume/Lighting Design: Jess Shoemaker

Fight Captain: Michael Thomas Visgar


unnamedAn orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender roles, sexuality, kink and relationships all told through the bard’s sexiest scenes: stripped down to 4 actors and 9 scenes. The only question is: How do you want it?

Every night the audience picks which actor plays each role. The possibilities are virtually endless and every show is a salacious surprise. Grab your f*ck buddy, a lover, your gay best friend, your spouse or the hottie at the next table and prepare to get your drink on.

The rest is chaos.

“… an hour with these four and their barmy five-some with the Bard might just get you in the mood to—how to say this delicately— put some wood in the O.” – Chicago Theater Beat

“should not be missed…an immersive experience and a fun, relaxing event – you will enjoy 50 Shades of Shakespeare” – Buzz Chicago

“pushes the boundaries in its interpretation… [is] consistently entertaining…significant…celebrates sexual freedom and expression” – Edge

Nominated for Best Ensemble Theatre, Hollywood Fringe 2016