Play Reading of ATLAS PIT at Samuel French Bookshop

This January, the Los Angeles New Court Theatre presented a reading of Alex Burkart’s new play Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man’s Son at Samuel French Bookshop.

Pictures from “Atlas Pit” reading at Samuel French Bookshop


ATLAS PIT centers around 18-year-old Felinus Oswald Black (Ozzy). A year prior to the play’s main action, Ozzy’s girlfriend (Gray) drowned in an old gravel quarry turned pond located in Milton, WI. The sudden death sentences Ozzy to an erupting depression, resulting in him running away from home and shutting himself up within a seedy apartment flat. In a continued effort to find escape, Ozzy stumbles upon a brand of heroin that brings the user so close to death “that they see those waiting for them on the other side.” Atlas Pit is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores the ideas of addiction, love, life, and death.

The play also features original music by Kyle Acheson with additional lyrics and assistance by Corley Pillsbury.

If you are interested in reading Atlas Pit please feel free to e-mail to Alex at