In Memoriam

Josh Burton

The Los Angeles New Court Theatre is named after The New Court Theatre that was founded in 2000 by Josh Burton in Beloit, WI.  Josh was known for his work in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys on Broadway and in Edward Albee’s The Ballad of the Sad Cafe Off-Broadway. For seven years Josh led The New Court Theatre, bringing professional actors to the Southern, WI city and fused their skills with community talent.  LANCT founders Alex and Nathan Burkart were fortunate enough to work with Josh on multiple shows at Beloit New Court and looked to him as a dear friend and mentor.  In 2007, Josh was unexpectedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died at the close of New Court’s seventh season.


Incredible mentors are becoming increasingly hard to find.  Perhaps in an industry so self-oriented, as the acting profession so often is, it becomes difficult to take a step back and make art not only for ourselves but others as well; and to take time to notice the young talents that have so much potential, but are so often forgotten about. Josh brought an amazing energy to the Southern, WI area; his generosity, love for the craft, and love for his audience were commendable and he helped so many artists take their first steps into the professional acting world.  This is what we also hope to accomplish with our own New Court.

Our slogan says we are “Theatre for Everyone Under the Sun.”  This again is a nod back to Josh, as he constantly picked material that was of interest to his audience and artists.  With our commitment to eclectic genre and style, we take great pride in making all talents shine.

Think of us as a theatre “art gallery,” with every season, and every performance, bringing you a different exhibit, featuring a different artist, each with their own unique voice and individuality.  The possibilities we have are essentially endless, because every company member has their own potential moment to display something that is truly them.

Thank you for your support.  Become a beacon of light for the artists of the future, and always remember those who have mentored us.  We would not be here without them.