Beveridge, Fink, McLaughlin, and Stroud Raising Funds for Millennial

Company members Tyler Beveridge, Greg Fink, Callen McLaughlin, and Andrew Stroud are raising funds for the pilot episode of their comedy “Millennial.”

Contribute to their Kickstarter campaign and watch their video by clicking here.

These are some crazily talented actors, with an incredible sense of timing and artistry.  The LANCT is proud to have them a part of our company.  Tyler, Greg, and Callen all appeared in last season’s production of “Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night,” and Andrew Stroud starred as Dennis in “This Is Our Youth” during our very first season.

Andrew Stroud in "This is Our Youth"
Andrew Stroud in “This is Our Youth”


From Kickstarter:

“Millennial is a comedy about a group of friends chasing their childhood dreams despite their incompetence, bad luck and selfishness.”
“Ethan Fink is involved in a workplace accident that threatens not only his career but the careers of his roommates as well. Will his friends come to his aid in this time of crisis or cast him aside to protect themselves? Meanwhile Keefer, a roommate, is dealing with some troubling personal problems that threaten the financial stability of the house.”

“Our immediate objective is to successfully reach our funding goal which will give us the necessary budget to shoot the pilot episode for Millennial. The episode will be broadcast online in the standard TV runtime of 22 minutes.”

“Our crew has been developing this script for over seven months, and we’re confident we have created an entertaining, funny, and buzz worthy pilot. In fact we believe in this project so much that we are funding 50% of it with our own money. But we need your help to see it through to completion.”

“Once fully funded we will keep you updated and informed on the process throughout filming. After shooting two test scenes we have come up with an accurate and reliable timeline for the completion. We will need three weekends (9 days total shooting) in August and September to deliver a finished product in October. While there’s always a chance of delays due to cast availability, unforeseen problems, or a zombie apocalypse we are fully confident we can deliver the finished pilot in that time. More importantly, we are confident that we have developed a product that you would be proud to be a part of.”