Casting Notice for Celine Song’s “The Feast”

The Los Angeles New Court Theatre is casting the opener of their 4th Season, The LA Premiere of Celine Song’s “The Feast”

Auditions are by appointment only, 10-2 pm on September 8th and 9th at CAZT. Email Headshot/Resume to for an appointment.

Rehearsals begin September 20th, the show plays November 7-21st.

Shows will be at Astroetic Studios. Astroetic Studios is located at: 224 E 11th St. Los Angeles, CA 90015



WENDY – Female. Married to Francis, a doctor. Late 20’s to early 30’s. The perfect host and perfect wife. Wendy would like you to believe she has it all together, but underneath her outward appearance, there is an uneasy sense that she is unraveling. We should feel that she may unhinge at any moment. She has a very large, beautiful smile, with an unsettling display of teeth.

SAM – Female. Friend of Francis, married to Rhett. Mid to Late 30’s. Sam doesn’t suffer fools. She’s a touch vain, but there is a vulnerability to her vanity. She is very open about her selfishness. Her marriage to Rhett is a bit ala Martha and George. Sam is not afraid to tell it like it is.

RHETT – Male. Married to Sam. Mid to Late 30’s. A bit uncouth and gruff. Rhett is always a few drinks ahead of everyone else. He may have been good-looking in his youth, but has let himself go lately. There is a deep sadness underneath his outward hardness.

XANDER – Male. Mid 20’s. A neurologist who works in a lab. Friend of Wendy and Francis. Xander is slightly odd looking, skinny and wears glasses.

FRANCIS – Male. Wendy’s husband. Early 30’s. A neurosurgeon. Francis should be very handsome and fit.