“One of L.A.’s finest young companies, the L.A. New Court easily rivals work being done by older, better-known 99-seat-plan companies.” -StageScene LA



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We are thrilled to be producing the World Premiere of the riveting play ATLAS PIT by Alex Burkart

ATLAS PIT centers around 18-year-old Felinus Oswald Black (Ozzy). A year prior to the play’s main action, Ozzy’s girlfriend (Gray) drowned in an old gravel quarry turned pond located in Milton, WI. The sudden death sentences Ozzy to an erupting depression, resulting in him running away from home and shutting himself up within a seedy apartment flat. In a continued effort to find escape, Ozzy stumbles upon a brand of heroin that brings the user so close to death “that they see those waiting for them on the other side.” ATLAS PIT is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores the ideas of addiction, love, life, and faith.  The play features original music written by New York City singer/songwriter Kyle Acheson.

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Our History

The Los Angeles New Court Theatre is a fully functioning 501(c)(3) that was founded by Nathan, Alex, and Megan Burkart in a small Sherman Oaks apartment in 2011.  Now venturing into our fourth season the LANCT has performed to sold out houses in the Los Angeles area, showcasing professional quality theatre at an affordable price.

All LANCT shows are picked because our company believes that the piece creates awareness regarding certain issues that exist in today’s society.  This awareness helps generate donations and promotion for other charitable companies who in turn reach out to the rest of the world.

Boasting a strong company of supportive, ensemble based, and talented artists- the LANCT has become a leader in the world of Los Angeles 99-seat plan showcase theatre.  Our company members work in all spectrums of the industry: actors, technicians, designers, directors, teachers, agents, and managers.

It is our mission to educate, integrate, and create. 

Clay Bunker, Carrie Schroeder, and Jeremy Browne in "Look Back in Anger" - Season 2
Clay Bunker, Carrie Schroeder, and Jeremy Browne in “Look Back in Anger” – Season 2

Board of Directors

President: Alex Burkart

Vice President: Josey Montana McCoy

Secretary/Membership Coordinator: Emily A. Fisher

Treasurer/Fundraising: Ashley Partington

Librarian/Historian: Samson Kohanski

New Work Development: Josie Adams

Honorary Board Members:

Nathan Lee Burkart

Megan Burkart

LANCT Members at "Race for the Rescues" charity event 2014
LANCT Members at “Race for the Rescues” charity event 2014